No One Knows The Day Or Hour?

by Robert Breaker




1 thought on “No One Knows The Day Or Hour?

  1. David Carroll on said:

    I do believe (and have for some time) that Christ will return during Rosh Hoshannah – the 5th Feast day, but don’t know which year (maybe 2017), but more likely later…

    Interesting thoughts, but… think some of the details around the first 4 Feast days may be a bit off.

    What I understand about those first 4 feast days.
    Passover – as covered in the video is essentially correct.

    Didn’t get much info in the video about First Day of Feast of Unleavened Bread (a sabbath according to Leviticus 23) and that is why Christ had to be taken down and buried before sundown on crucifixion day (Passover).

    Didn’t get much info in the video about Feast of First Fruits (first Sunday after Passover – note: Jews do not celebrate/recognize this feast in modern times – likely due to its connection to Christ’s resurrection.

    Biggest difference from my understanding is the period between resurrection and Pentecost. Christ was in tomb 3d/3n but saw the disciples on the evening of the First Day of the Week immediately after His resurrection (just after his encounter on the road to Emmamaus) [not 10 days later]. Then Christ was with the disciples for 40 days, went to heaven and sent the comforter 10 days later at the Feast of Weeks (count a week of weeks (7 X 7) plus 1 = 50 from the weekly sabbath after Passover (church today calls this Pentecost) – thus Pentecost is always a Sunday). Check / compare initial event (Moses coming down from mountain with the Covenant of the Law) – on the 50th day after Exodus with Pentecost [Moses brings covenant of law, Spirit brings covenant of spirit; Moses finds drunken orgy, bystanders say the worshipers are drunk; Moses sends Levites through camp and kill about 3,000, Spirit goes through crowd and about 3,000 are saved].

    So far Christ actions are batting 1.000 on fulfilling the first 4 feast days (time, date, action, symbolism) – too much to just be a coincidence… more like a Divine plan / revelation.

    Unfortunately, the Israelis/Jews celebrated (at least were supposed to celebrate) these feast days annually for over 1,500 years and still did not see Christ when He came, I’m concerned that we may be missing something too.

    Would like to hear more of your thoughts…



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